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Value Betting strategy

Стратегия ставок Value bettingValue Betting strategy is widely used in poker games, allowing for a guaranteed profit in the long run. Bookmaker is certainly not a poker room, but the main principles of Value Betting are certainly applicable to sports betting.

Value Betting strategy description

The essence of the strategy is that the player makes a bet every time, when they think situation favors this action.

In poker such situations are determined by an optimal game strategy, which, with a mathematical accuracy predicts chances of success. Therefore, if chances are relatively high, it makes sense to make a bet. Even if it loses, in the long run the advantage is going to be on the player’s side.

Usage of Value Betting strategy against bookmakers

It is considerably more difficult to use this strategy against bookies. Most of the time they assign correct odds of certain outcomes happening.

To gain profit with Value Betting, players must learn to evaluate the correctness of odds assigned by the bookmaking firm and determine which of those are erroneous. If a turf accountant incorrectly evaluated a probability of a certain outcome happening, better must make a bet on it, since in this case their chances of success are increased.  

That way, every time a bookmaker makes a mistake and a player sees it and makes a bet, said player gets an advantage over bookmaker in a long run.

Value Betting strategy implies that every bet is made exactly with an expectation that after a long streak of bets, the bettor nets profit in total, since their actions were mathematically correct.

Downsides of Value Betting strategy when used against a bookmaker

The difficulty of utilizing this strategy is that a player must learn to correctly analyze chances of certain outcomes happening. In contrast with poker, where there’s an algorithm of action for every situation, in sports betting you can never precisely predict the outcome of the event just because it’s impossible for bettor to control sportsmen, coaches and judges.

Nonetheless, Value Betting is considered to be an effective strategy, if the player is able to correctly assess the possibility of a certain outcome happening.

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