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Total goals betting strategy

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At first sight bookmaking firm can hardly provide living but should you register with several different bookies and you’ll see that not all odds on outcomes are similar. Which means that it’s possible to use different betting strategies, which, in the end, will net profit.

One of these strategies is Total Goals betting strategy. For instance, let’s remember that every bookie offers to bet on the total amount of goals in a match. This bet is called “total”. If a match ends with the 3-2 score, then the total equals 5.

Important thing: it’s not about the precise score of the game, but whether the total of goals will be bigger or smaller of the total set by the bookie. This values are called “over” and “under”.  

Let’s make an example of Total strategy for soccer matches. Usually, odds for total equal 1.9 or just slightly off.

To get high chances of victory, we’ll be using accumulator bets for these two matches (1 and 2).

  • Total over (1); Total over (2);

  • Total under (1); Total over (2);

  • Total over (1); Total under (2).

Payout for every acca bet is calculated as 1.9х1.9=3.61.

In this case, loss is possible if two matches will end with a total under. We don’t create accumulators for such a case, since it would be impossible to win money back in this case.

Although, it is possible to switch the first accumulator bet for a total under in case that all four clubs do not score particularly well.

Any won acca will earn profit, which equals approximately 20% of the bet, that is 3.61/3 = 1.2.

It’s recommended to compare offers from different bookies for accumulators for the same two matches, which would enable a higher possibility of winning.

Total Goals strategy will lose in 25% of cases and so its long term usage is strongly discouraged.

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