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Pursuit Betting strategy

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Turf accountant isn’t the best place to earn a living but some strategies allow to make bets on sports with a high probability of profit.

Pursuit Betting is one of these strategies, although, it’s efficiency is dubious at best.

The essence of the strategy is to make bets on the same outcome over and over again until it wins, with every loss increasing the bet, while the win resets the amount of the bet to the initial value. For online casino players this strategy is known as the Martingale system. Pursuit Betting is its variation, with the same flaws.

In the most simple case Pursuit Betting is used as follows. A football match is chosen among the events for betting, offered by the bookie. A bet is made on its result..

Let’s assume that the team called K must win. In case if it doesn’t happen, the bet is multiplied by 2 and when an offer is created for a new match, the player makes the same bet. If the team still loses, the bet is multiplied by 2 again until they win.

When the team wins, the value of the bet is reset and everything begins again. As a result of these operations the player covers his expenses and the net profit equals the amount of the initial bet, if the multiplication procedure was followed.

The downside of Pursuit Betting is that after four or more bets in a row, the size of the necessary bet becomes too large.

For example, you bet $10 for a team K victory. After a loss, according to the strategy, you must multiply the bet and now it equals $20. Then $40, $80, $160 and so on. Strategy allows for up to seven steps, which means that your $10 bet will eventually become a $640 bet. But what if the result was not achieved even then? Then you will be required to bet $1280. The size of the profit will still equal $10.

Pursuit Betting strategy is expected to be employed with odds on bets lesser than 2, otherwise your lost bets won’t be rewon.

Since odds change constantly, it means that the size of the bet has to be calculated every time.

In general, this strategy is not recommended for a long term use.

If it interests you, however, we suggest that you use it with totals on soccer, basketball and baseball.

It’s possible to use a variation, called “double pursuit betting”, in which you rotate the outcomes you make your bet on.

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