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Martingale strategy

Стратегия Мартингейл в букмекерской конторе

It’s hard to name any other strategy as popular as The Martingale. It doesn’t mean that it’s extremely effective but for average bookie offers it is used quite often.

It is considered to be a “progressive” betting strategy and therefore, players should be ready for considerable financial investments. Bookies don’t usually concern themselves with limiting average players’ bets and so, the only issue in the way of using this strategy successfully would be the amount of funds available. And here is why.

The essence of the strategy is to multiply the bet by 2 with every loss and revert it to original size after a win.

It’s not hard to calculate that in case of five losses in a row, the size of the initial $10 would become $160. And that is why it is imperative to have as much money on your account.

To successfully bet using this strategy, outcomes with odds of 2 (probability of win is 50%) must be chosen.

Let’s see how the Martingale betting works:

  • First bet $10, we lost;

  • Second bet $20, we lost;

  • Third bet $40, we lost;

  • Fourth bet $80, we won;

  • Fifth bet $10, we won.

Theoretically, if outcomes with predicted odds of 2 are chosen then winnings are bound to happen quite often. But what to do when 7 or 8 bets are lost in a row? This course of events is absolutely possible. The starting $10 bet will turn into $1280 by an eight try. Are you ready to risk this much? But the most unpleasant part of it all is that winnings always equal the size of the first bet. Bookmakers are well-aware of that and usually do not interfere with clients using this system.

As a positive side of this strategy, one can note that it’s not necessary to be knowledgeable about sports at all, when adhering to the Martingale system.

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