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Flat betting system

Стратегия фиксированной прибыли (или флэт)

Flat betting strategy is considered a financial tool, with a primary task of optimizing the size of a bet. It means that the bookmaking firm wouldn’t be experiencing losses due to this strategy, while the player gets a chance to use his deposit for the maximum period of time, while decreasing risks.

The essence of this strategy is to calculate the size of the bet from expected profits. The approach should even be commended, because if bettor thinks about the expected profit, it stimulates them to make a thought-out bet.

Nevertheless, let us return to the strategy in question. The bet is calculated according to the following formula:

Net profit/(odds-1).

It is imperative that the calculation uses net profit only, that is, money that you will have after you make the bet.

For example, your target is $20 profit. Odds are 2.5. Using these values we can calculate that the necessary size of the bet equals  20/(2.5-1)=13.3$.

Strictly speaking, there’s nothing unusual in such calculations but it clearly shows the amount of money you need to risk, if you want for a bookie to pay your winnings.

This strategy shows the level of risk well. The more the difference between the desired profit and the bet you need to obtain in - the less chances for success you have. It’s nothing special, since the central part of this formula is the outcome odds value.

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