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Double result bets

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Double result bets, which are among usual offerings for the most bookmaking operators, offer much higher payouts, compared to usual bets on outcome. This allows to employ those bets for riskier but extremely rewarding schemes.

Remember, that according to the double result bet rules, the player has to correctly name the winner of the first time and the overall winner.  

For instance, H/A bet means that the first time will be won by the home team but the overall victory will be secured by the away team.  As well as wins, draws are also acceptable bets, for instance, a bet D(raw)/A means that first part of the game would end with a draw but the match overall would be won by an away team.

There’s no unified strategy for double result bets, strategy that can be applied for all games. It is necessary to carefully analyze statistics and the state two opposing teams are in every time.

Nonetheless, there are some secrets to these bets. In particular, if you expect that one of the teams will win the first part of the match, there is no sense to bet on it losing the match overall, because, as the stats tell us, it’s not a usual occurrence. And therefore, you can disregard bets like H/A (or vice versa). Especially, when the teams are equally strong. It’s better to make a simultaneous D/H and H/H bet.  

In case if the bookmaker offers to bet on the match where there’s a clearly defined favorite, there’s no need to use bets like A/D, since the stronger team (in this case this is an away team) is unlikely to finish the match with a draw, let alone lose it. There’s some sense to bet on D/D and on a win of an underdog in the first part and a draw at the end.  

Consider that usually bookies offer good odds for double result bets, with the good analysis an average player can get a good profit which will completely cover expenses made on an unlucky bet. But again, it’s worth repeating that it all depends on the skill of the bettor to correctly analyze the information and choose the most possible outcomes.

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