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D’Alembert strategy

Стратегия ставок Д'Аламбер в букмекерской конторе

Long before the first bookmaking firm was formed, D’Alembert betting system was popular among the casino regulars and especially, among the roulette aficionados.

Despite the fact that the bookmakers are hardly casinos in terms of their operations, D’Alembert strategy is often used to gain an upper hand over a bookie. Interestingly enough, to use it, you don’t have to be knowledgeable about the sport you’re betting on or processing the statistical data, or calculate the odds of a certain outcome happening. You just need to follow the rules and bet money.  

Rules of the D’Alembert are quite simple. Every time your bet loses you raise it by predetermined value. Every time your bet wins - you decrease the size of the bet.

The size of the predetermined value is chosen by the player, according to their financial capabilities. But it cannot be changed during the game.

The most suitable odds for this strategy are for outcomes within 3 to 4 range (usually bookies have plenty of such offer). In other words, these are very risky bets, which in most cases will lose. The goal of this strategy is gain profit via systematic increase/decrease in bet size.  

As with many similar strategies, devised by casino players, D’Alembert strategy has a considerable flaw. The string of initial losses may prove to be detrimental for the continuous usage of this strategy by the player. Considering high odds, required for it to work, one has to be prepared beforehand for such a turn of events. One more nuance of this strategy is that the profit is directly related to the size of the starting bet and sum by which you will be changing it later. Most players consider this and usually don’t bet too much and as a result, winning are often quite moderate.

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