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Counter-D’Alembert strategy

Стратегия Контр-Д'Аламбер

Counter-D’Alembert strategy (with certain adjustments) can be used for sports betting but it is important to understand that the bookmaker has an advantage over player which this particular strategy can’t negate.

Just as many other strategy which were devised to be used for roulettes, Counter-D’Alembert strategy does not take the stats of teams and athletes into consideration and uses strictly mathematical calculations.

It’s hard to say how good this strategy is, considering that the bookmaker is hardly a casino but with a certain dose of luck this strategy can actually bring a positive result.

Compared to the D’Alembert strategy, this strategy stipulates that every win increases and every loss decreases the size of the bet by a predetermined constant value.

This strategy is similar to Oscar’s Grind with a difference that the Oscar’s Grind stipulates that after a loss the size of the bet is reset to the initial, while the Counter-D’Alembert says that one should decrease the bet by a predetermined value. Another requirement (similar to Oscar’s Grind) is that only outcomes with odds of 2 or similar must be chosen.

Let us consider the use of this strategy on a simple example. Let us imagine that our initial bet equals $10, while the constant which will be used to increase or decrease the amount will equal $5. The odds for the outcome is 2.00.

  • First bet is $10, we won;

  • Second bet is $15, we won;

  • Third bet is $20, we lost;

  • Fourth bet is $15, we lost;

  • Fifth bet is $10, we won.

Winnings, if this strategy is to be followed, equal to the amount of the first bet. The main downside of Counter-D'Alembert strategy is that there’s always a chance that a player will lose several bets in a row, which equals net loss. Considering that with 2.0 odds these situations may happen quite frequently (on average, in 50% of situations), it is imperative to employ this strategy with caution. Other odds that the bookie may offer unfortunately are not suitable for the usage of Counter-D’Alembert strategy.

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