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Corridor betting strategy

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Corridor strategy, compared to all other methods, is certain to ensure a positive result to the user that employs it, no matter the bookmaker.

This strategy was created by bettors on basketball. A little bit later it was successfully used for betting on volleyball and tennis. Other sports are not applicable for this strategy, since it is imperative that the sport you’re betting on has a score in tens.

The essence of the strategy is that a bettor compares the odds on the total of the same even with different turf accountants. This “corridor” allows to make bets, but at least two bookies must be employed.

For instance, if two bookmakers offer the same odds for the same event but one bookie sets the total at 200 and the other at 195, then a “corridor” of 5 points occurs. You make two identical bets, $100 each.

To gain maximum profit, you bet with the first bookmaker on the total less than 200, while with the second on total more than 195. If you’ll get into that range, you will receive a payout from both bookmaking firms.

It’s logical to assume that the wider the corridor - the more chances for success you have. In the example above, the winnings will equal $390. You bet $200 and earn 190. A pretty sweet deal.

Nonetheless, odds aren’t always the same and the corridor isn’t always wide enough to warrant the risk. Each such probability has to be carefully calculated, to ensure good risk to profit ratio.

In general though, Corridor strategy has proven its effectiveness. It’s useless to employ it with only one bookmaking firm. It’s better to choose turf accountants which independently create their pre-match lines for basketball, which would allow to spot a corridor. If the bookie copies its odds from other companies, then there’s no use in employing this strategy.

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