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Bets on score

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One of the most complicated bets in the bookie arsenal is a bet on score.

Even though the bet process itself isn’t of a great difficulty, it’s not easy to figure a precise final score of the match. That is why the odds which bookmaker operators provide for these kinds of bets are quite high, usually with a factor of 7 and higher, depending on the sport, teams and expected result.

Despite high risks, under some conditions these bets can bring a good profit. A separate strategy for these bets was created, which allows to play quite effectively against the bookie.

The success of this strategy depends on how well the bettor can predict outcomes of games. In other words, it’s impossible to achieve any results without, at least, a thorough review of statistical information.

There’s no sense to make single bets since the chance of losing is still quite high. Strategy recommends to employ system bets, taking as your base potential outcomes of 4 matches.

First, you need to determine what final results seem the most possible to you for all 4 games.

Then, apply “+-1” rule. The essence of this rule is that you need to sequentially add and subtract 1 to the final expected score of each match.

For instance, first match is expected to have a final score of 1:2. According to the rule, we get four possible variants:

      • 1(+1):2=2:2
      • 1:2(+1)=1:3
      • 1(-1):2=0:2
      • 1:2(-1)=1:1

The same logic is applied to the other three matches and that we get 16 possible outcomes + 4 outcomes we determined as the most probable. For better understanding we recommend you input all necessary information in a spreadsheet file.

Then a system is constructed, which will consist of 15 variants: 4 singles (on the most probable score) and 11 accumulator bets. Acca bets are constructed independently by the player - the most optimal outcomes should be chosen among the expected. With that in mind, 6 accumulators should consist of 2 events, 4 of 3 and 1 of 4.

All bets should be of an equal measure.

A simpler variant of the score bet strategy exists, based on the fact that a certain amount of football championships are not exactly goal prominent and the victory is usually taken by a clear favourite.  

If you look at the stats, it’s quite easy to determine that more than half of matches are won by the home team and in 15% of cases the score is minimal.

Then you need to choose 10 games in which, in your opinion, home team will win and make a bet on all of them for 1:0 outcome. According to statistics, at least 2 of these matches will end the the score that you need. To get a profit from this strategy, the odds multiplier of no less than 7. Bookmaker operators call this strategy “doubles”.

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