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Latvia will host the international conference Riga Gaming Congress

12 speakers, 10 countries, one goal

Legal framework and development of gambling business in Latvia, cryptocurrency in casinos, gambling software – 12 speakers of Riga Gaming Congress from 10 countries will highlight these issues on October 12!

Gambling industry experts from all over the world will meet in the capital of Latvia for the sake of one thing: to discuss the state of gambling market and jointly facilitate its development from all aspects – technical, economic, legal, etc.

The whole world is interested in the task and the geography of Riga Gaming Congress proves it. Speakers from Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Malta, the Czech Republic, Panama, and Latvia will take part in the conference. Among participants:

  1. Carlo Pagan, CEO at Casino Campioe D’Italia (Italy). He will specify the keynote aspects of marketing strategies in gambling.

  2. Francesco Baranca, CEO at Federbet (Spain). He will speak about the symptoms of fixed matches in eSports and ways of fighting against unfair play.

  3. Maksim Krupyshev, COO at Cubits (Germany). He will provide detailed information about the use of digital currencies in gambling.

  4. Steve Donoughue, gambling consultant (Great Britain). He will touch the issues of legislative regulation of gambling industry in Latvia.

  5. Patrick J O Brien, communications director at EXANTE (Ireland). He will compare the national gambling policy in Latvia and other countries.

  6. Ishay Tentser, CEO at IniTech (Israel). He will teach to use personalization via chatbots for user engagement in the game.

And that’s just half a dozen of specialists! They discuss different topics, but look in one direction and have a common goal – to bring gambling industry to a new level.

Learn the complete list and topics of speakers on the official website of the conference, and attend Riga Gaming Congress, as you are looking in the same direction and pursue the same goal, aren’t you?

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