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Bitcoin payments and bitcoin debit cards: how it works. RGW speaker – Cryptopay representative Eric Benz

What are the advantages of working with cryptocurrencies? What are bitcoin debit cards? Eric Benz, managing director at Cryptopay (London, Great Britain), will tell us about it.

Eric Benz dedicated more than 10 years to Fintech. Thanks to his efforts, large payment services got first-class software.

In the last few years the speaker has worked with the blockchain technology and its implementation in business processes. He will represent Cryptopay – the company known for being one of the first bitcoin exchangers and issuers of bitcoin debit cards – at Russian Gaming Week.

The topic of his speech is “Bitcoin Payouts and Debit Cards”.

We will find out:

  • about bitcoin payout advantages;

  • what bitcoin debit cards are and why we need them;

  • how to pay salaries in bitcoins;

  • which niches bitcoin opens;

  • how existing products work and how they influence the future market.

Get your questions for the speaker ready!


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