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Faroe Island vs Turkey Prediction 25 September 2022

Faroe Island vs Turkey Prediction 25 September 2022

Faroe Island take on the visitors Turkey in the round 6 match of UEFA Nations League (League C). The match will be played on Sunday, September 24th at Torsvollur (Torshavn).

The Faroe Islands have once again shown that they should not be seen as a clear underdog. The "Sheep breeders" do not even represent a full-fledged country, but a remote region. Such enclaves, as a rule, lose to everyone in a row - that is the statistics, for example, Gibraltar. But it is not easy to play with the Faroese, and not only because of the most complicated logistics. They took some points, for example, in 2021 they took a victory and a draw in official meetings. This summer, after first losing to both favorites, Hokan Erikson's wards won at home against Lithuania and, most importantly, contrived with 0-2 on the road against Luxembourg. September began with a battle of outsiders in Vilnius. It ended 1-1, and this means that the Faroese have achieved the main thing: they are not the worst in the quartet.

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Turkey has no competition at this level. "Janissaries", in fact, should not be at this level. Still, a year ago they played at the Euro, even if they became the worst of the 24 teams in this tournament. The new coach, Stefan Kuntz, lifted the wards to 2nd place in the qualifying group, but in the playoffs he could not think of anything to stop Portugal on the road. Now the last, unsuccessful League of Nations, where they played with Russia, Hungary and Serbia, are “backward” to the Turks, and the latter lost 3rd place in additional indicators. But now they can openly celebrate: 4-0 with the Faroe Islands, 8-0 as a result of a couple of meetings with Lithuania, 2-0 on the field of the main competitor, Luxembourg. The current window also started with match against the Grand Duchy. They didn't manage to win in Istanbul, on the contrary, they fought back three times. But a draw finally guaranteed 1st place!

In June, the Faroe Islands played Turkey for the first time. Then the stronger team was able to win 4-0 at home. Although the outsiders held out almost until the break - they conceded for the first time in the 37th minute. Both teams completed their tasks, and the meeting becomes de facto friendly. And the visitors’ level won’t held them - we bet on the Turks with a handicap of "-1.5 goals".

Prediction for the match: Turkey to win with -1.5 handicap.


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