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About company

With no doubt, Bwin are one of the best and the most famous bookmakers in the world. They operate over 25 thousand bets per day with millions of clients. And we should say they definitely attract new customers every day as well.

We should say, it will be enough for you to just be football fan to at least hear the name of bwin. Some may definitely recall that Bwin was one of the main sponsors of Real Madrid football club. It seems it may be hard to find more popular betting company among non-bettors, probably their main competitor is bet365 now, because they are everywhere now.

We should also mention Bwin has found their way to the US markets, it’s  just New Jersey and Delaware, but many others doesn’t have that kind of presence at all. We know online gambling is prohibited on the territory of the United States and Bwin are among those who can offer their services.

This way, they can attract new clients from any part of the world. It’s not that hard for them to find new customers considering options they offer.

Website design

Bwin’s website design is nice-looking with great graphics. It’s mostly black with a bit of yellow. In the center you can see live-matches that you can definitely bet on. The rest is quite similar to what their competitors have. On the left you can find a list of sports with football also in separate block as a top sport. The list is in alphabetical order and you can find practically all major sports as well as some exotic ones like cross country skiing or NASCAR. On the right you can see a betslip as most of bookies locate it there. So if you ever were on any other betting website, you should find Bwin’s webpage nice and easy to navigate.

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Money lines and odds

Of course, you are one of the best bookies in the whole world there is should be a good reason. One of a reasons for Bwin to be among the best is number of markets they have. There are over 70 kinds of sport for betting online. It’s probably the biggest number among all of their competitors.  Surely, they have the most popular ones like football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey or rugby. Of course, any other betting website have the same. But not only do they have great number various sports (including exotic ones) they offer hundreds of options for live-betting.

Sometimes you just cannot decide on what game to bet one. There are so many of them at Bwin, you can literally get lost. On top of that, their live-streaming allows you to watch more than one game online. It’s very and very impressive feature.
Remarkably, Bwin do not try to hide information about the limits they offer like some others do. It’s easy usually the betting limit is $100,000 and sometimes it can be $250,000. That’s it. You should remember though there is also a distinctive feature, there are limits on how often you can bet or how much you can win in a week.

There’s more. Bwin also have stop loss limit. It’s may be very useful. If it comes to Bwin’s notice that you have lost over 5000 dollars per week, administration will contact you and notify you. They can even impose a limit on you so that you wouldn’t spend much. Surely, they cannot forbid it, but they will do their best to make sure everything is alright.

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Bwin offer rather competitive odds. They are not the highest and they aren’t the lowest. Still you should always bet using several operators and odds shouldn’t be the key reason to be profitable. There’s no website with only best odds for games, you need to look for every game separately.

Signing up and bonuses

It’s usually easy to create a new account with bookmaker and Bwin is no different. All you need to do when signing up with Bwin is to fill all necessary information like your name, date of birth, your address and phone number. After that Bwin still needs more information about you so you will have to also mention more things so that they could believe it’s really you. It’s simple verification process as you will bet on money after all.

Speaking of bonuses, we should only say that there is an introductory offer that is up to €50 after your first deposit.

Payment systems

As many others bookies Bwin offers number of payment methods. Surely, some options are specific for certain countries, but it should not get in your way of finding the most suitable and easy payment method. Bwin’s list of payment methods include Bank Wire, Visa/MasterCard, EntroPay, PayPal, Neteller, UKash.

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Mobile application

Bwin mobile app is not much different to what other bookies have. Commonly, it has all key features that website version has and it is compatible with iOS and Android.

The sports betting mobile app is great deal here. Not only you find and bet on anything you want, you can also see incredible stats section, which can be very helpful when making fast bets.  

Customer support

Customer service offers almost all options to help their clients. There are FAQ, help page and you can and also contact support agents vial e-mail and special form on the Contact page. You can make a call if you wish, but make sure you’re calling on Monday-Friday 10:00– 22:00. Agents are usually friendly and know what they are doing. You won’t probably find many complaints about customer support of Bwin on the internet.

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