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About company

Bovada is a famous online betting and  gambling company that offers a full variety of services that any bettor needs. It’s an American operator and they are one of a few who are entitled to work with United States residents as well. It’s a significant advantage of Bovada, considering whole seriousness of issue for the Americans. Online gambling is mostly prohibited by law there and Bovada really offers a perfect solution.

Probably, Bovada is not the best bookie in the world, but it’s a great bookmaker for the Americans to use as they do not have many options in this sphere. Perhaps they do not offer the highest odds out there, but they are good and we should also remember US clients just cannot use bookmakers with the best odds. Nevertheless, Bovada try to do everything they possibly can to make sure their clients bet in comfortable environment.

Website design

Bovada’s website has nice and modern design in black, grey and green colors. The set up of its sportsbook is quite common, although there are some slight differences. In the right top corner you may find betslip, almost every bookie puts it there. On the left, you may find A-Z list of sports with the major ones on top. We should say Bovada faced challenges to draw a line between American football and soccer, but, it seems, it turned out right.

Remarkably, various buttons like “Getting started” or “About” may be found not in the top bar drop down menu, but right under the list of sports. It’s a little different from European bookies’ websites, but, honestly, it is easy to get used to it.

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Overall, website is simple and easy to navigate. It’s hard to get lost here.

Money lines and odds

Bovada covers most of major markets, but, it’s American bookie so you can see that American football, NBA, MLB odds are very good here. They also have football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, UFC/MMA, rugby, darts, cricket etc.

There are also horseracing and greyhound racing. They covers all major competitions here, adding new on daily basis, but we should mention that in-play betting options for these markets are available only on the top competitions. Even if you are football fan, you shouldn’t worry that football/soccer isn’t very popular in the United States, you can easily bet on the Champions League games or even Asian leagues or South American ones.

We should mention one distinctive feature of Bovada that may be inconvenient for some bettors. Sometimes, money lines appear about 5-6 hours before the start of a sporting event. Of course, for those who prefer in-play betting it doesn’t make any difference, but those bettors who like to bet in advance may find this rather inconvenient. But it doesn’t happen that often though, so it shouldn’t really be a serious problem.

Bovada really try to cover both US and European markets and we should say they managed to succeed here. Not only they offer markets that are worldwide popular, you can also choose whether to use decimal, fractional or American odds. It’s not a huge factor in favor of Bovada, but it’s nice when you have options. Still the odds are rather high and the average odds are about 1.9, which is very good. Those who tend to bet and win huge amounts of money may find that Bovada doesn’t have the bets limits.

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Signing up and bonuses

Bovada has always been very good with offering promo codes and promotions. You are usually jus expected to enter some promo code. The process is very simple and shouldn’t be problematic for anyone. Bovada offers a bunch of various bonuses, so it’s totally possible to receive bonuses for betting, for games and for poker. You should always remember though that you need to meet the needed requirements, because bonus may expire and you may not receive free bonus. Bettors are expected to circulate free bonus four times. Bovada is not the only one who offers such bonuses, but any responsible bookie needs to have this.

But it’s not only promo codes, they also offer vast variety of specials like Happy Hour Thursdays or Blackjack Weekends. They are suitable for any kinds of players.

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Payment systems

Unfortunately, Bovada doesn’t offer many payment methods. It really is their disadvantage, but the reason lays underneath US laws. So there payment methods include only bank transfer and cheques. Moreover, you will definitely have problems with withdrawing money from Bovada. Again it’s because they need to find a perfect way to withdraw your money due to number of US laws. Unfortunately, sometimes you will need to wait about a month to receive you money.

Mobile application

Unfortunately, Bovada doesn’t have mobile app. It’s a bad news as they are just losing some clients because they cannot provide them with the most suitable services. But it’s not that bad, they have responsive website and actually it doesn’t matter whether you use mobile app or responsive mobile version of the website. The thing is still comfortable and fast betting. And this is what Bovada provides.

Customer service

You can contact Bovada customer support via live-chat, e-mail or phone. The distinctive feature of their support service is of course the fact that all support agents and native speakers. It allows to avoid any ambiguity when facing some issue.

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