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Strategy for Danish system

Стратегия Датская система

Bookmaking operator strives to ensure, first and foremost, profits for itself, while creating attractive odds for betting.

Despite that, for many bettors bookie is a place where you can earn money if you are to employ one of these strategies. One of the easy and effective strategies is the Danish system. We need to note that despite the ease of use, usage of this strategy is quite risky, compared to other strategies.

Core of this strategy is the Martingale betting system. As you may remember, according to its rules the size of the bet is doubled with every loss until it wins.

However, Danish system rules are slightly different and more adjusted to the conditions of betting with a bookie. Every new bet is gradually increased, at the same time you need to choose offers with increased odds.  

For example, you bet $1 with 1.5 odds. In case you lost, you need to bet $2 with 2 odds. Then $4 with 2.5 odds and so on, until winning..

Compared to Martingale, final profit when using the Danish system could be much higher. The difficulty is that once you’ve reached odds of 3, you won’t have much chances for a positive outcome, not to mention even higher odds. And while betting using Martingale system, the outcome depends on how much money you have, the probability of a positive outcome using the Danish system decreases with every new step.

Bookmaker will gladly accept the player using Danish system but we advise you to be cautious, while using it and use it only when you are sure about the outcome of events you’re betting on.

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