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Oscar’s Grind strategy

Стратегия ставок в букмекерской конторе Оскар Грайнд

To decrease the bookie’s profit margin, bettors use different strategies. Some methods don’t decrease the risk in any meaningful way but not the Oscar’s Grind.

Created by a talented roulette player, strategy based on the assumption that it’s better to win a small sum but with a solid guarantee of winning. This system can be used with a bankroll of any size but the size of the first bet must adhere to the rules of financial management.

Despite the fact that this system was created for roulette, it still quite well fits to be played against a bookie. Technically, the only requirement for this system is the betting on outcomes with odds of 2.00, which approximately is equal to bet on red or black in roulette. Simply put, the probability of winning should be valued at 50%

The essence of the strategy is that the bet has to be increased with every win the bet has to be increased by a predetermined value.  If the bet loses, then the amount is back to the initial value.

For an easier understanding, let us make a simple example. For instance, your initial bet is $10. In case it wins, every new bet is increased by $10 until it loses. If the bet loses, the next bet is going to be $10 again. The result of this strategy is profit, which equals the initial bet, in this case $10.

This means that the amount which you can bet may be absolutely different and depends on the amount of expected winnings.

In theory, because the odds for chosen outcomes equal 2.00, this strategy can be profitable for quite a long time. But it is important to remember that the aforementioned is going to be rigid and it is still possible that a player can lose several bets in a row and would be lacking funds to continue. It is also important to remember that by setting odds at 2.00 (or at similar values) the bookmaker really is overvaluing the possibility of the certain outcome to ensure the profit margin. Which means that the chance of a favourable outcome is really a bit lower than 50%.

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